S01E17 – Woopty Scoopty Poop

Woop woop! In honor of episode 17 we start with a little juggalo chat, discussing ICP’s appearance on Sway in the Morning from a few months back, and Ends brings up the time Shia Lebeouf killed it freestyling. We move on to talk about hip-hop in general, and clash on our opinions of J-Cole. We also discuss our thoughts on Kanye’s recent meltdown, and why supporting Trump is worse than beating your loved ones

Ends tells us what he’s been playing on his newly acquired Nintendo DS, and what new discovery he has made while playing Ocarina of Time for the 80th time. This leads to a lengthy discussion about our favorite Zelda games and which ones he should play next. Video games chat continues with Kyle’s review of The Last of Us and the emotional impact it had on him.

We wrap things up by spoiling the movie 400 Days, talking about Michelle Wolf’s awesome roast of the media at the Whitehouse correspondents dinner, and a little bit of Pokemon and PUBG chat.

Also, buy a mug!

Play this: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, Alan Wake

Watch this: Michelle Wolf – Nice Lady

Listen to this: J-Cole – Born Sinner (album), Kanye – Ye Vs. The People (song)

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