S01E16 – It’s All Cohesive

This episode we begin by discussing our favorite subject, video games! Ends tells us all about his first solo chicken dinner on PUBG, and we comment on the growing popularity of battle royale games such as Fortnite, and the newly free-to-play game The Darwin Project. We also talk about the latest in Switch hacking (IT’S HAPPENING!!), God of War 4, and Keez’s first impressions of The Last of Us

You can now pay what you want for Numbers, a new album from Ends inspired by our chat in S01E14. It is a collection of 15 never released songs, and is the 2nd of 5 (or 6?) albums in Ends’ bible boxset series releasing throughout the summer. So go buy it so we can put some $$$ into the show!

We get Ends’ opinions on some movies he’s recently watched such as Cloverfield, and Jigsaw. We have a chat about our favorite M. Night Shyamalan movies, and then we rank each season of American Horror Story. We have some unprecedented sports talk for a minute, and wrap it up by hearing a little bit about Kyle’s vacation (and our mutual feelings on jet skiing)

Movies recommended this week: 400 Days, Hard Candy, and Pitch Perfect

TV recommended: AHS: Cult and Chronologically Lost

Game recommended: Bomb Slinger

Music recommended: J-Cole – KOD

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Catch you next week!

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