S01E15 – Friends Ends in Ends

This episode we start off with the usual banter including topics such as our day jobs and tipping etiquette. Ends surprises Kyle with the completed, never before released version of a song called Blood Brothers. This is a song that Kyle recorded back in 2010 and sent to Ends to finish, never to be heard again… until now!

Ends then drops a bomb about his next project, which was inspired completely by last week’s episode! It’s a collection of four 15-track albums titled Genesis, Exodus, Revelations, and Leviticus, to be released on all music platforms over the next few months.The final album will be dropping in June on the 10th anniversary of his first album, Bloodworks (which you can purchase a hard copy of right now!). Ends then schools us on how his distribution deal works, and tells us all about a streaming service made exclusively for prisoners called JPay. He also gives potential fans a tip – if you are going to buy his album Beautiful, be sure to cop the “legacy” edition in order to get the full package which includes 48 songs

After the Ends infomercial, we move on to discuss Froggy Fresh again, and we discover the truth about his career. After giving Froggy props on his sweet gimmick, Ends relates by telling us about some of the ideas and gimmicks he has used for his albums, one being an entire album he wrote and recorded on his 24th birthday, appropriately titled 24. He also gives us the scoop about his new project, an EP titled 23

After the 2nd infomercial, we move on to other topics such as 2pac, and movies. Our recommendations this week include 400 Days starring Dane Cook, Passengers, and Interstellar. We discuss some horror movies we’re looking forward to (Quiet Place, Unsane, Hereditary, Deep Blue Sea 2), and wrap it up with what is probably the shortest video game talk we’ve had so far on this show. Games mentioned include God of War, Alien: Isolation, and The Last of Us

Check out the video below, but I will warn you there are a couple of moments where the video buffers but the sound doesn’t. It doesn’t happen throughout, but just letting you know! Enjoy!

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