S01E14 – Anno Domini

This episode we start by telling you all about our experience at the Froggy Fresh concert over the weekend (Spoiler alert: it was awesome). Then Ends tells us about his awesome Easter sunday. We have a quick little gaming chat with a call-in from homie Bobby Krea who is ranked in the top 0.04% on PUBG, and we find out how much time Keezie has wasted on Destiny.

Ends tells us his ultimate goal to purchase Capcom and why, and we go on a long tangent about our own rapping and writing abilities. We sample some of our old shit and Ends divulges the obsessive nature of his writing habits. We clash on how to pronounce a certain producer’s name, and then things start getting heated when we discuss our opinions on G-Mo Skee and the Jokerr, right before we wrap it all up with some juggalo talk.

This is a good one! Don’t sleep on it!

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