Episode 130 – My Friend is Shaggy’s Wife’s Personal Trainer

This episode we welcome guests Jason, Nick and Paula. We also welcome our old friend Rob Hunter to the show for the first time! You may know him as the artist formerly known as Finale, better known today as Ends


Buy his album, “Beautiful – The Ness Kennedy Sessions” anywhere digital albums are sold.

Purchase BeautifulWe cover everything in this episode. It’s a long one, but full of good stuff. We do a lot of catching up since Rob just moved back into town and this is the first time we’re getting to hang in years! We reminisce about the past, discuss the future, and chop it up about all the crazy shit happening in the world today.

Oooh yeah! We spend a good chunk of the show discussing these videos involving a christian lady pissed about rap lyrics (which as since gone rival thanks to it’s exposure here on the Keezie Show). Here are the links for your viewing pleasure:

The original 11 minute angry breakdown of the song:


Here is the actual song. “Norf Norf” by Vince Staples


Here is the remix:


And my favorite version, the actual song laid over her video which makes it actually look like she’s rapping and dancing along:




Toward the end we are joined by the mothers of Rob’s children, Tina and Shelby. We have a good time eating some Beanboozled jellybeans toward the end. So check that out if it’s your kind of thing.

Be sure to buy Ends’ Album “Beautiful”, (I copped it on Google Play Music), and if you want to hear the old shit we did together back in the day, click the “Free Music” link in the menu up at the top of the site and check out the Stereo Star albums available to stream and download for FREE!

Thanks for listening!