Episode 125 – Live with #HVAC

This episode we welcome all 4 members of the hot new boy band, #HVAC. Atticus Klimer, Justin Silverdick, AC Braiser, and Flex Manning.


They take over the show for most of the episode while we receive some phone calls from fans, and we try to get to know them a little. It goes off the rails a couple of times, but we reel it back in and everyone has a good time getting to know these strange characters. The guys also tell us about a contest they’re having where you can win a signed autographed photo. Here are the details:

We had a great turnout due to everyone wanting to meet the band. We were also joined by regular guests pPaula, nNick, sShane, Angela, and tTara sporadically throughout the show.  Coincidentally as the band was leaving, cChris, eEric, dDairic, and newcomer Ryan also showed up! We spend a good portion of the last half of the show getting to know Ryan, chatting and playing games and such.

We also reference this image many times throughout the show, saying that the lead singer of the band 38 Special (the guy in the middle) looks like our friend sShane

We tried to recreate the album cover using the #HVAC guys, but they weren’t too interested. Oh well!

Believe it or not, this show takes a weird turn after talking to Ryan for a while. Chris abruptly brings the show to a halt around the 1:35 mark, so we take a quick break, come back and wrap the show up the best we can. This show is a real rollercoaster of emotions, and one of the weirdest yet. Nothing has been edited out, so enjoy this beautiful disaster!

Thanks for listening!