Episode 124 – Ninjaland Special

This episode was recorded in Kyle’s basement on Saturday, August 20th 2016.

We had some special guests this episode. Brandon and Liz Wiley (aka The Howdys) traveled up from Cincinnati, and Brian “Smoothie” Kelly joined us via Skype. Other in house guests included Dairic, Nick, and a little bit of Tara.

Long story short, 10 years ago I made a movie with Brandon and Liz called “Ninjaland”. It’s a 40 minute film about a guy who learns to be a ninja master and goes on to fight the bad guy who steals his girl. You can watch the full movie on YouTube by clicking here.

In this episode we bullshit for a while before getting Smoothie on the phone. We watch Ninjaland in it’s entirety in the 2nd hour while providing live commentary. We all have a gay old time reminiscing about our dumb movie that we (aka Brandon) spent a lot of time making.

Anyway, enjoy the episode!  And buy a Fleshlight or Blewit device from the link on the right of the page to help support the show (and make your weiner feel good)