Episode 122 – Soda Pop Girls Night

Hey peeps, Idaho is beautiful and there are at least three resort towns here that Hollywood A listers have homes in, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, and Arnold Schwarzenegger the CA governor himself and thats just naming a few. Also the capitol “Boise” has a great downtown with a great night life probably thanks to Boise State and there football team giving us so much recognition, Bruce Willis and Wee Man from Jackass both own clubs in downtown Boise. We have also been home to quite a few red carpet events at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise, The Bourne trilogy and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button just to name a few. So don’t poke to much fun our direction! There’s plenty of states in this union that see a lot less action then us, how about Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. Although I’ve been to all three of those states and they have great things to offer too.