Episode 86 – Would You Like Your Apple Juice with Extra Ice?

Howdy! This episode we welcome guests Eric, Dairic, Nick, Tara, and the long-awaited return of Chris! (and Shane too I guess). Chris brought his new girlfriend Mary Jane as well! So we got lots of cool people, old friends, new friends, best friends and neat friends and cool cool super friends

After a long introduction, Chris starts us off by dissing Brooklyn 99 and we somehow parlay that into making fun of rednecks. We bounce from topic to topic very rapidly, and then we proceed to try to trace our steps back and remember what the fuck we had talked about for 11 minutes. What a fun little game. The guys then proceed to talk shit about the lack of tools on my tool bench, while simultaneously making fun of the items actually on it. The gang is fascinated by this mysterious tool that we dubbed, a “wood mover”. Chris once again talks about his ex, Peg.

I show the gang Black People Twitter, a subreddit dedicated to funny stuff black people say on Twitter. Chris schools us on the horrible-ness of the movie Birdemic. Dairic tells us about Gummo and Kids. We discuss other shitty movies as well, with The Room being discussed at length once again

Other shit that happens:

  • We talk like rednecks for a while, and Dairic scratches up some country music for us
  • We check out some of these stereographic gifs