Episode 85 – Why is it Cupcake Time?


Selling games with boobs

Hey! this week we welcome guests Nick and Paula to start us off. Tara is present, but doesn’t participate.

kwazyWe start the show by making fun of Tara for playing the Kardashian game, then she counters by making fun of me for playing Kwazy Cupcakes. This starts a conversation about mobile games, in which Paula recommends Stick Ninja, and I talk shit about the ads for Game of War which feature nothing but voluptuous sexy ladies. Paula downloads Kwazy Cupcakes and we laugh about the ridiculous sounds it makes.

This show is pretty long, so here’s some bullet points:

That covers the first hour. Hour 2 Troy shows up and I leave for a few to go upstairs to help him with his melting ice cream cake. Nick takes this opportunity to confront Paula about her interruptions and they have a little argument. I return and restore the peace so we can continue the show. Then Shawn shows up!

About 75% of this show is discussing movies now that I go over it. So I hope you’re into that. If not, skip this one, I don’t give a shit. We lose a couple of chunks of show at the end, but you aren’t missing much. We wrap it up by discussing and watching Sia’s Elastic Heart video

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