Episode 84 – I Haven’t Had a Squirt, So…

citraHey guys. This episode we welcome guests Nick and Paula. Tara is present and tries to participate in the conversation, but refuses to put the mic up to her mouth for some reason, so there’s that. Paula starts off by reminiscing about the soda pop Citra from the mid 90’s. We discuss new year’s resolutions for a bit, then the terrorist attack in France, and I then explain Tara’s weird obsession with tickling. We have snack time, perform some ASMR noises for you guys, and then discuss the Christian channel for a bit. Chris then calls in and chats with us.

Anyway, the show slows down from here and we start running out of things to talk about. Tara buys phones on eBay, Paula asks for our opinion on a serious matter, and we talk about some youtube videos. I mention this girl that cries after watching Return of the Jedi, and we wrap up the show with this awesome music video which features hot chicks playing dodgeball (feel free to watch on mute). A short, but not so sweet episode. Not our funniest or most thought provoking episode, but you know how we do at the Keezie show. You can’t win em all

generic closing