Episode 83 – Post Xmas Wrap-Up


O Munny

Sup dudes? After taking a couple weeks off for the holidays, we are back! This week’s guests are DJ Dairic, Nick, and eventually Paula. Dairic kicks off the show with some Bob Marley playing on the turntable, and we promptly make fun of people who like him only because he’s a weed guy. We then have a conversation about the difficulty of balancing time with friends and family, and we all explain our points of view on the matter. We talk Christmas, and about what everyone has been up to. We discuss Mensch on a Bench, and the secrets about Santa. Mikey shows up around this time and we all share stories about how we found out the truth about St. Nick. Krampus is mentioned, we talk Elf on the Shelf, the lucky Elvis ceramic bust, etc. Christmas continues dominating the show for the rest of hour one. But Paula actually solves the Groove Tube too!

I share some stories about what happens when I let my kids listen to inappropriate music, we call our pets and babies dumbasses, and we chat some more about being a parent to kids and animals. Since most of us had watched The Interview, we talk about it for a bit, then get into more movie talk with our thoughts on the Hobbit movies, and I shut down Mikey and Paula’s dreams of a SOA movie. After bitching about our issues with our Xbox Ones, Mikey mentions Horrible Bosses 2 and we have a little debate about who is hotter: Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie.

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann

We compare pictures for quite some time, and eventually just start naming other hot chicks. Olivia Munn, Brooklyn Decker, and Adriana Lima are mentioned. We wrap it up with a nice little chat about Lisa Ann losing her #1 porn star spot to newcomer Mia Khalifa. Dairic plays us out with his turntable stylings

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