Episode 81 – I Was Gonna Hit You Up… But BJ

darylbethGreetings earthlings. This episode we welcome guests Nick, Dairic, and Eric. We start off with Nick telling us about him almost becoming a midwife, while I explain to everyone my guest invitation process. We discuss the mid-season finale of Walking Dead with spoilers galore, then move on to a chat about all the movies we’ve seen recently. This evolves into a discussion about the Sony hack and potential danger for a bit, and then Eric proceeds to make fun of me for watching shitty movies instead of awesome ones

Creepy tails doll

Creepy tails doll

After our lengthy movie chat, Dairic actually joins  us on the mic and schools us on fracking, and then we share our opinions on the whole Furguson fiasco. It’s getting late, so we start to wrap things up with the usual Reddit discussion. We discuss the big girl from the tub photoshoot from last week, we talk about the legend of the spooky Tails doll. Dairic makes fun of the fact that these stories are called creepypasta, (which is admittedly a ridiculous name). I tell the guys some more funny shit my kids have been doing and saying, and since I recently went to see them in concert, we wrap it up with some In This Moment talk

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