Episode 79 – Doctors Turnin’ People into Gollum

Hi! This week’s guests are Eric, Dairic, Shawn, Nick and Paula. After recounting the events that transpired on the previous show, we discuss our time at Paula’s birthday dinner which was at a Korean restaurant called Kaya. We then move on to discuss the Walking Dead for quite some time. After exhausting that topic, we talk some more about ebola and some politics before moving on to conspiracies. We play a song from an anonymous local rapper where he talks about conspiracy theories. Our guests are very curious about this mysterious man, but I keep his identity a secret


Click for gif!

The topic shifts to beer for whatever reason, Shawn calls Guinness “Mother’s Milk” which I find hilarious, and then we check out what I have saved on Reddit. This gif of Karina Hart’s boobs jiggling in a car is mentioned, and here is the NSFW source. I also show the gang this similar NSFW video. I share the secret of my 3 different Reddit accounts, I show a couple other neat photos, we discuss narwhals, and we check out a video of some dude jizzing on people in public. We watch a video of Ric Flair and Hogan on Baywatch, and the pinnacle of the show is when we watch the newly released Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 3. After dissecting the underlying tones of that series, we shift topics to video games for a quite a while and end it with a chat about old fighting games that deserve HD remakes. Shawn, our resident fighting game expert, shares his opinions


Cool Alex Grey costume

As we’re wrapping it up, i mention another thing i wanted to show the group, but couldn’t find it in the moment. I do believe this guy’s “art” is what I was referring to (very NSFW). So have fun looking at that. We listen to Dumb Ways to Die, and then close the show by singing a karaoke rendition

generic closing