Episode 78 – Devilishly Delicious

shakebeerThis episode we welcome guests Eric, Dairic, Jerrod, Paula, Shawn, Nick, and Troy. Since it’s a full house, we bust out the ol’ Yeti mic, so please excuse the loss of quality. (We are looking to purchase a new mixer and more mics, so feel free to donate if you’d like to help us accommodate more guests!)

We start the show by trying the beer Dairic brought for us, Shake Chocolate Porter. It’s pretty good! I take a couple new pictures of the crew, and then we have a little chat about the Beth-oriented episode of The Walking Dead that we watched right before the show. Shawn offers up some of his Lasanta whiskey, and we discuss the wild and wonderful Mr. Tommy Wiseau. We then bring up the legend of Shawn drinking absinthe without flinching, and proceed to talk shit about him to his face for bit.

Moving on, Dairic asks everyone what really scares them, and then we talk about horror movies (mainly the Saw franchise) for a bit. Shawn then yells at us for having multiple conversations going at once, which compels him to grab the mic and yell at us. Unbeknownst to us, he accidentally hits the mute button on the mic and we proceed to have a show for another hour and a half. Yet another downside of having to use a community mic! So most of this show is lost, and it’s quite sad since we covered a lot of ground. We made a list of some of the topics discussed, (not that it matters, but just so you know)

  • Korean food
  • Jobu ramen (which is something Shawn recommended, and all of us doubted was even a thing. Sounded like he made it up on the spot)
  • Jumpscares in horror movies and whether or not they are cool (we are all okay with them)
  • We have a beer tasting of every random ass beer that I happened to have in the beer fridge. The Tau Bu ones were actually pretty good. The rest, not so much

All of the beers featured in our beer tasting

  • We got outsider confirmation (from Tara) that Shawn did in fact look like he hated the absinthe even though he swears it didn’t bother him (he got all red and sweaty)
  • The new joker’s cards from ICP, which are called The Missing Link – Lost and Found. They look uber gay
ICP's new joker's card

ICP’s new joker’s card

  • We check out this ranking of every Eminem song ever made via Spin magazine. Eric correctly guesses #1
  • We sing a rendition of Hanson’s MMMbop where we change the lyrics to kim bap and bibibap. Hilarity ensues

Sorry you missed it! But enjoy the little bit of the show we actually did get

generic closing