rickbuttHowdy y’all! This week we welcome guests Nick and Paula. We begin by discussing Halloween plans, and  the Kyle Blackburn International Scale of Costume Ingenuity, which is based on a scale of 1-30 Hee Hees. Eric shows up and we have a little Talking Dead, and then Shawn shows up! We move onto food talk, where we chat about Melt, hot wings, and Korean food. Paula goes on to school us on the deliciousness of a local restaurant called Kaya where you can order foods called bibimbap and bulgolgi, which sound like made up words. We then make fun of this for a while

We move on to discuss Doug Loves Movies, which is a live podcast hosted by Doug Benson that we attended previously that day. Shawn suggests a format for our show, to which I say “FUCK THAT”. This leads to some talk about the classic Keezie shows of yesteryear where we did try to actually have segments sometimes. We come back to DLM for a bit before doing the closest thing we have to a “segment”, which is checking out what I have saved on Reddit. Here are the links (ALL ARE NSFW):

10738036_10205111601970816_300287330_oI then mention the We Like Pizza song that I heard at the Blue Jackets game that Eric and I attended the day before. I proceed to hunt it down and download it. We spend the final 10 minutes of the show discussing video games, namely Call of Duty and Lord of the Rings Shadows of Mordor. Paula asks about some of my new trinkets and toys sitting around, and I mention the new Game of Thrones puzzle I recently purchased. I jokingly mention that we should stop the show and put it together, and surprisingly everyone agrees. So we say some final words and wrap that shit up

generic closing