Episode 76 – Barack Ebola (OOOHH YEEAAH)

flamingfaceeatingwalkerHello! This week we welcome friends Dairic, Eric, and Shawn. We kick things off by discussing Shawn’s legendary anime/dragon jacket which he wore during his late teenage years. We searched for a picture to no avail. Dairic laments that he owned (and loved) the jacket at one time, and we speculate on it’s whereabouts. We move on to discuss the newest episode of The Walking Dead which we watched immediately before starting the show. We have our own little version of Talking Dead where we answer each other’s questions and speculate on what will happen. When Shawn spots my old Blockbuster card, it sparks a discussion about the olden days of renting and I school everyone on Princess Tomato

ebolaiscomingI show the guys some videos, such as Birdman ASMR and this British prep school rap battle. I try to figure out what concert Shawn went to over the summer, and then I show the guys my new Facebook Ad. Dairic then brings up the Ebola outbreak, and we spend most of the remainder of the episode discussing our plans should this shit become a pandemic. We check out what Alex Jones has to say about the situation, and then spend an indeterminate amount of time making fun of him. The show peaks at 1:36 during our Barack Ebola rant.

We wrap it up by discussing the new Taco Bell taco, I share some of my own personal ASMR results, we discuss the backlash that one of the dancers in the new Mastodon video has been receiving, and we talk about this high schooler who had threesomes with his teachers

Oh and here’s the uncropped, uncensored version (NSFW) of the featured image. We talk briefly about this at some point

generic closing