Episode 75 – Your Voice Tickles Me

Left: cosplayer - Right: actual in-game model

Left: cosplayer – Right: actual in-game model

Hey there. This episode we welcome guests Eric and Dairic. We start off by talking about Box Trolls and dollar theaters, before moving onto more pressing issues such as Metal Gear cosplayers. We spend a bit of time discussing Don Hertzfeldt, who animated the latest Simpson’s couch gag. I recommend everyone check out his feature film called “It’s Such a Beautiful Day”. We then check out the video for Mastodon’s Motherload, which is the only metal video we’ve ever seen with twerking ladies. It is well worth the watch. (The song is also pretty badass). I then talk about how I let my daughters watch Tool videos just to see their reactions (video coming soon)

Hour 1 wraps up with Dairic mentioning a phenomenon called Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. He explains to us what is is, and shows us some videos that folks have made specifically to trigger ASMR responses in people. He goes in depth discussing his history of ASMR in his life and what triggers a response in him. We watch a few example videos, and Eric and I feel nothing. But our curiosity causes us to drill Dairic about it for a while, and we come back to the topic several more times. Let us know if any of our voices give you the tingles!


Iggy M. Manley- ASMR Guru

We move on, discussing hunting for some reason. Eric hates on hunters that use guns, and we talk about human evolution for a bit. Dairic mentions a man named Dick Proenneke who lived in the wilderness for a few decades. A true man’s man. We watch a couple clips featuring him building a house and shit, and we all become jealous of his manly skills. We wrap it up by telling Dairic how fantasy football works

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