Episode 74 – The Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Shawn lookin like a badass

Hey guys! This one’s a  doozy. We start by welcoming friends Dairic and Nick. The first 20 minutes of the show consist of me and Dairic discussing music, mainly our own creative processes. Shawn then shows up in a leather jacket with scotch in hand, and I give a couple reviews of movies I saw over the weekend – As Above So Below, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Dairic then recommends Gummo. We hate on Facebook, and then watch this sweet video of  the George Mason University band practice Killing in the Name. We chat about the old days, we critique the new J-Lo and Iggy Azalea video for the song Booty, and we wrap up hour 1 by discussing some old ICP lyrics

Hour 2 begins strong with us checking out some weird dicks. We then dive right into this video of a girl recreating MJ’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” on her loop machine. The next video up is one you absolutely need to watch. It’s from a new YouTube channel called 10 Second Songs where this guy recreates popular songs using 20 different styles per song. We check out his rendition(s) of Linkin Park – In the End, and it’s pretty amazing. I tell the guys about Google Cardboard, and Dairic recommends everyone watch An Idiot Abroad on Netflix.



We talk some more about the works of Ricky Gervais, and then shift gears to discuss the phenomena of teenage girls wearing revealing clothing. Dairic explains why he thinks this occurs, and we all share our opinions. As a dad of 3 girls, I explain my stance, and why I worry about the future. This leads me to explain some of the tough things Tara and I put our daughter Alexis (who has a j-pouch as a result of her having ulcerative colitis) through, and how I hope it doesn’t have any negative impact on her growing up. This gets a little heavy and personal at times, but I think it is beneficial hearing what others think


ICP flyers and clippings

We move onto more pressing issues, such as haunted vaginas and baby jesus buttplugs. Both are titles of books by author Carlton Mellick III, whom none of us have ever heard of, but he seems awesome. I pull out a box of old shit, which includes shitloads of ICP flyers and promotional items that I had collected over the years. We listen to some Twiztid songs and chat about Psychopathic music for a bit, and transition to other artists such as RA the Rugged Man and MGK. We watch an awesome video by RA called Definition of a Rap Flow. We have a debate about Tech N9ne and Eyedea and who will leave a larger impact on this world, and wrap it up by making fun of one of our South American listeners. Yo como arepas y me gusta el joropo

generic closing