Episode 73 – The Legend of the Money Laundering Mystery Man


The poster in question

After taking a week off, we welcome guests Dairic and Eric this episode. I start by telling the guys about my apple picking experience, and Eric tells us about his new custom NES. We move on to discuss cartoons, such as My Little Pony, Barney, and Sailor Moon. We share some childhood memories, one of mine being a memory of squirting Stretch Armstrong goop onto a Jenny McCarthy poster as if it were jizz. We lose a little steam around 30 minutes, but pick it up again when Eric and I share some more stories of our childhood, including the beginning spark of what would eventually become the Keezie Show

Erics new custom NES

Eric’s new custom NES

We have a long chat about parenthood and I share some recent experiences I’ve had with my 7-year old regarding where babies come from and religion. Dairic tells us how he found out the truth about Santa, and how he believed in him but never believed in Jesus. He then opens up and shares some stories from HIS childhood, and then tells a tale of a mysterious man who got tangled in a web of money laundering and bank fraud. After telling this tale, we move on.

I tell the guys to watch a funny movie called They Came Together, we talk about Michael Jackson allegedly producing the Sonic 3 soundtrack, and we reminisce about his appearance in the Simpsons. We wrap it up by watching the Bartman video,  discussing 90’s rap, checking out this sexy Raiden (NSFW), and watching the Soggy Bottom Boys video, which in turn inspires one last bluegrass song.

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