Episode 72 – The Fappening Live Coverage

takenfappeningHi. This week we welcome guests Nick and Shawn, with a rare surprise appearance by Tara. We start off with breaking news about The Fappening (NSFW), which is happening live as we speak. We check in on it periodically throughout the show, but we move onto other topics such as our recent trip to a Bobaflex concert, Spongeknob Squarenuts (NSFW), the Gathering, annoying pets, and the New Nintendo 3DS. We never stick with one topic for more than a few minutes at a time, and bounce around a bit more than usual this show. Besides the random Fappening updates throughout the show, there is no overarching theme or main discussion, but we keep the show flowing at a decent pace.

enhanced-buzz-18709-1387209430-11At one point we discuss this buffoon who has 21 Miley Cyrus tattoos, Shawn share with us his opinions on the whole ISIS situation and gets an attitude with Nick for cracking a joke. We chat about the news a bit more, Obama haters and racists, and pastafarianism.

generic closing