Episode 71 – On the Road: Say it to My Ass

yellow.0This week comes live from the DEA household. Features guests Dairic, Adina, Josh, Heather, Eric, Nick, and Shawn. The show immediately starts with us trying to determine what the opposite of a piece of shit is. After debating it for a while, (and spoiler alert: we decide that it’s a brick of gold), we talk about the ice bucket challenge which is all the rage. I tell the gang about this hilarious ice bucket challenge of a girl who just had her wisdom teeth removed, and we move on to more pressing topics such as chafing and jizzing

The conversation takes a weird turn when I bring up the topic of “panty selling”, which some of our guests had no clue was even a thing. I show them /r/pantyselling, and we discuss other methods for girls to make some easy money off of creepy dudes. Shout out to /r/gonewild, and also Gianna Michaels, who is a porn star that sells custom videos. We then discuss ways of using the homeless to help promote the show before taking a 20 minute smoke break

When we return, it’s in the middle of us chatting about using the phrase “just chillin” to indicate that you’re jacking off. We then have a live intervention to try and help Shawn with his shittiquette – since he has none. The conversation shifts back to promoting the show with homeless people as we throw out different ideas such as custom blankets, hoodies, and whiteboards. We talk Minecraft, Shawn (once again) tries to get us to talk to his ass, we discuss shitty music, then we wrap it up by regrettably googling “porn prolapse” for some reason.

Short and sweet! generic closing