Episode 70 – Demonic Little Mustaches

chesttattooWelcome! This episode features guests Dairic, Mikey, and Nick. We start the show with a Robin Williams tribute, and share some of our favorite Robin Williams movies. We then talk shit about grocery store shoppers, I shout out to GetGo for having delicious pretzel burgers, and I show the guys my Google location history. We then watch this new Hopsin video, which sparks a conversation about our own religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

After talking about Game of Thrones for a while, we check out this new song from Dairic. We talk about our former and future rap careers, and Dairic shares with us his idea for a rap podcast. Other topics include, Loot Crate, Comic Con, Ferguson, and Alex Jones. We then (once again) discuss shitting in public at length, sharing horror stories and little anecdotes.

Listen to Knomore – Quit Talkin’ below, or click here to download!


Christy Mack's face after the beating

Christy Mack’s face after the beating

We then watch some “rap” videos, featuring some of the worst music that has ever existed. Hookah and No Flex Zone are among those featured. We then need some ear bleach, so we listen to an Eyedea song called Step by Step. We once again talk shit about The Jokerr and how shitty his songs are nowadays, and then we wrap it up by talking about Christy Mack’s unfortunate scenario and recapping the show

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