Episode 69 – The Tale of Belly, Stinky, Big Show, and Kid Rock


It’s the Big Show

This episode was recorded during my 30th bday party. It has a rotation or random guests who come and go as they please. The show starts off with Nick, Paula, Troy, and Mikey. I leave the show immediately to go mingle and leave Jessica in my place. Newcomer (but old friend) Josh Graber makes his first official appearance on the show (he was one of the people we called on the Noodle Googlers episode). The show is tanking without an official host, but Josh decides to spice things up by offering to honestly answer any question that is posed toward him. Eric shows up and spearheads the impromptu AMA, calling out Josh every chance he gets. I show up eventually and everyone trades old stories back and forth, getting into the personal lives of most of the people present. Shane shows up at some point and joins the fun, and everyone shares their “number”

Dairic joins us and we cover other topics such as Snapchat, Lay’s Potato Chips flavors, floatation tanks, and Joe Rogan, and advertising ideas for the Keezie show. We finish with some dick talk, and a chat about Weird Al


Generic closing