Episode 68 – I Wanna Take a Shit By Myself!

Fat Violent J

Fat Violent J

Hi. This week our guests are Nick, Mikey, and Eric. This is the first show recorded at the new studio (aka basement) at my new house. After getting settled in, we start talking about Mega Man and transition to Violent J’s fatness. After discussing other juggalo-related bullshit, we watch a Froggy Fresh video and Shawn shows up. Eric promptly leaves

Other topics include:

Air hockey pucks


Loper and Randi

The Jokerr

Shitting in public restrooms

jokerrsucksMy mom calls and tells us about some drama, and Tara joins us for a bit while we continue having our shitty conversation. I prove Tara wrong about our air hockey puck dilemma, and relish in the sweet sweet victory. Listening to this episode again as I write this synopsis, I truly can’t believe it but we keep talking about shitting. 70% of this episode is shit talk, so I hope you’re into that. We talk about geese, and dogs, and I ask Tara’s opinions about last week’s main topic – killing animals vs humans.  Wrapping it up, Mikey shows us this neat video of an impromptu street performance, and we watch death metal Batman.

generic closing