Episode 67 – Humans are Pieces of Shit

mjhallwayThis week we welcome Nick, Dairic, and Eric

After dicking around for a bit, Eric suggests everyone watch Red Vs. Blue. It’s a machinima show based around the game Halo, if you’re unaware, and it’s available on Netflix. Shawn shows up and we talk about how some retards think that Stephen Spielberg actually killed a triceratops. We then move onto this news story about a 19-year-old girl who is catching flak for killing exotic animals. This sparks a long heated debate about the ethics of killing animals, whether in a hunting range or not. We talk about whether we believe human life is more important than animal life in the grand scheme of things, and many of these dum dums take the side of the animals. (I podcast with a bunch of animals, obviously). Dairic leaves and returns with Nate and we continue the debate for a while longer



We talk about shitty adults, animals, and kids for a bit before switching the mics over to accommodate our larger group. we bullshit for a little while, talking about growing older and becoming more childish, before falling into a discussion about retro gaming and console painting. We check out a bunch of custom video game systems, mainly the ones created by Custom NES Guy. We transition to street art, and I show the guys this video showcasing this artist’s ability to create a reverse forced perspective painting. We then watch a video on how to create one of those crystal etched portrait cubes, then for some reason transition to talking about Dick Butt.

Wrapping it up, we watch this hilarious video of wrestlers breathing, then have another discussion about  video games. Nate tells us all about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and I tell the guys about this Zelda: Ocarina of Time speedrun.

generic closing