Episode 66 – Tom Waits and Tattooed Assholes

Yo. This week we welcome guests Shawn and Nick. We start with a discussion about asshole cops and personal experiences, and watch this video of the biggest douchebag on earth who acts a fool in a courtroom and wipes out on his bike. We watch some more videos, one being this video of Tom Waits, who they say inspired Heath Ledger’s Joker. This starts a nice little Tom Wait’s-a-thon and we all become fans

Girl getting her asshole tattooed

Girl getting her asshole tattooed

Other topics include

“UFO” captured by Mars Rover

– Aliens

– Futuristic utopias

News bloopers

– Dick and asshole tattoos

Hulk Hogan choking out a talk show host

That’s the jist of it. A very video heavy show, but I tried my best to provide most of the links for reference. Let me know if you listen and need a link to anything else mentioned in the show, I’ll try to update this post or at least get you the link

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