Episode 65 – We Have a Bug

This episode we welcome Tara and Paula

After a few minutes of getting settled in, we finally start a conversation about the Rodizio Grill, which is a cool restaurant that Tara and I visited earlier in the day. We have a hard time recalling the name of the restaurant due to the fact that we’re fucking stoned. We ate some special brownies earlier in the day, and I didn’t expect it to affect the quality of the show. Man was I wrong

youknownothingThis episode is a shit show. Just gonna put it out there. Tara passes out within the first 30 minutes, Paula is sober, and I’m unable to hold a normal conversation for more than a few minutes before forgetting what the fuck we were talking about. Most of the show consists of us providing color commentary for a beetle and spider that are wandering around the room. We also discuss Orange is the New Black and other TV shows before I actually admit to Paula why the show is suffering

In between awkward gaps, other topics include True Blood, beetles and spiders, random life updates, canoeing, Game of Thrones, and Sean Bean. We wrap up very early due to Paula having to leave, but I thank my lucky stars since I can hardly hold a conversation anyway and I need to go to bed.

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