Episode 64 – Grapefruit Your Dad


Fus Rooooohhhh Yeeeeeahhhh

This episode we welcome Eric, Shawn, and Nick. Topics include

– Robin Williams movies

– Awkward moments

– Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

– The AutoBlow 2 (NSFW)

– The Sticky Buddy

– Games featured at E3 including Sunset OverdriveBatman: Arkham Knight, and the new Legend of Zelda

Macho Man dragons in Skyrim

– Cable guy gripes

That’s about it. Listen if you want. The best part is the AutoBlow 2 segment around the middle of the show, so at least listen to that if the rest doesn’t interest you. And make sure you peep the Lindsey Stirling song at the end of the show too! Happy father’s day