Episode 60 – Run Through the Cheetah Cage

battlebotsThis episode we welcome Dairic, Eric, and Mikey. We start by recapping the last few episodes and reading off some stats. Shawn, Nick, and Troy show up and we switch to the Yeti mic to accommodate all of our guests. Here’s the bullet points

  • RSW documentary talk
  • Hating on the Columbus Zoo tax levy (which was voted down, thankfully)
  • The Wilds, and alternate methods of zoo admission
  • Racial stereotypes
  • Feeders
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2, Purge 2, Terminator 4, Expendables 3, etc
  • Battlebots
  • Goat Simulator
  • Mini arcade project
  • Rape fantasies

That’s the jist of it. Listen and enjoy! Don’t forget to rate us on iTunes, subscribe on Stitcher, and like us on Facebook