Episode 58 – Friends:20

entemanns_box_cakeWelcome to our annual 420 spectacular! This episode features guests Adina, Dairic, Eric, Josh, Heather, Tara, and Nick. We all partake in the festivities, while munching on snacks and drinking some wine. This is a long, fun episode filled with stories and laughs. Rather than bore you with everything we talk about, here’s a few bullet points

– Heather wants us to watch Our History is Not What We Think

– We recommend people watch this PSA about driving recklessly

– We discuss bee bro 

Pterodactyl Porn (NSFW)

– Make your own wine at SpikeYourJuice.com

– We fucking slam on that Entemann’s Cake

– Long legalization chat; we discuss benefits, etc. Nick debates with me after I mention the marijuana talk I had with my daughter

– Discussion of hipster stereotypes

the-evolution-of-a-hipster_50290b4e749ad– Stupid belly button butthole tattoos

– Stupid Buckeyes tattoos

All in all, a fun laid back episode. Just a bunch of friends kickin it while celebrating the holiday.

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