Episode 57 – Three Handle Moss Covered Family Gredenza

stingjokerGuests this week are Nick and Dairic, with later appearances by Mikey and Shawn. We begin with some website talk, and I mention that you can now visit BF.Keezie.com to listen to our old albums. We chat about our rap career for a bit before Dairic mentions the tragic death of the Ultimate Warrior. We proceed to talk about wrestling for the entire duration of the show. We cover everything from the glory days of 80’s wrestling, the rise and fall of the Warrior, NWO, and WCW, and Mikey being the only guest who still watches current day wrestling, schools us on today’s wrestlers. I try to change the subject a couple of times, but it doesn’t work for long. We watch a lot of videos, including our own old videos from our backyard wrestling days. check the RSW links below for those

Here’s a few links to videos we recommend you check out

Macho Man calls out Hogan

The Wyatt Family - current WWE superstars

The Wyatt Family – current WWE superstars

Joker Sting feeds Hogan some vitamins

CM Punk Pipe Bomb

Ultimate Warrior Promo

RSW – Average Guy vs. Columbus Junkie 1 (promo)

RSW – Average Guy vs. Special K promo 1 and 2

RSW – Columbus Junkie vs. Average Guy 2 FULL MATCH

RSW – Fiend vs. Fool

If you aren’t a fan of wrestling, this episode may not be for  you. But it was a really good one, and we had a ton of fun.

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