Episode 53 – A Long Short Story

The Call of Cthulu

The Call of Cthulu

Morning! This episode begins with Nick and I catching up before we delve into our feelings about morning radio DJs. I then spend an inordinate amount of time talking about Blazor and Mo, our former local rock station morning radio guys with whom I had become friends with before they parted ways. I recommend everyone listen to The Best of BLAMO, which was an episode on Mo’s podcast, Reservoir Radio. Shawn shows up and we babble on about The Blitz for a little bit longer

We move on to TV show talk where we touch on Walking Dead and Shameless. No one else had watched Shameless before, so I gush about how good it is for several minutes. Dairic shows up and we continue TV talk by discussing Cosmos. This leads to a very in depth existential conversation regarding the universe, God, and evolution. The movie The Island is recommended, and we also mention a bunch of similar sci-fi movies and series’ that cover similar ground

Nick recommends a documentary that is available on Netflix called Inequality for All which is about the USA’s widening economic gap. We then watch a clip from a George Carlin comedy special where he touches on the same subject. We then bounce between a lot of similar topics for a little while, including today’s youth, the Internet, and the corruption of the media – FOX in particular. This brings us back to Cosmos, which begins a pretty heated debate about faith, love, the meaning of life, and the future of the human race.


Ohio is definitely ready to take it’s medicine!

After an hour or so, we move onto the legalization of marijuana, and the proposed bill for legalization in Ohio. We talk very seriously about how important marijuana is for the nation, and the human race in general. We reference this article in our local 614 Magazine, and urge people to sign all necessary petitions to get legal medial marijuana on the ballot, and then get your lazy fucking assholes out there to vote for it when it does! Visit the Ohio Rights Group website and educate yourself! I know I will

The rest of the show is spent discussing other drugs, their effects, origins and consequences. We bring it back around to more outer space talk, Nick recommends everyone read The Call of Cthulu, Dairic recommends everyone read the comic Prophet, and we finally wrap up what looks like our longest show to date. Lots of important and interesting topics are touched on this episode, so take a  couple days to soak it all in and feel what we feel!