Episode 52 – Pony Party

machomanThis episode we welcome Nick and Richard to the show. Tara joins us for a few at the beginning while we discuss Richard’s baby-having obsession. We then talk about children’s birthday parties, and Richard speculates about what he believes to be the true meaning of a “Pony Party”.  Richard gripes about annoying people on Facebook, and then we watch this incredible backstage interview with Macho Man Randy Savage. We round out the first hour by discussing jews, and whether it’s a religion, race, or both.

Once again, we delve into some Bitcoin talk, bringing Richard up to speed and picking his brain about his opinion on the matter. Troy shows up soon after. We stumble upon this ridiculous news story about a woman who cuts her husbands penis off for the 2nd time. After diving down the rabbit hole of weird news stories for a bit, we then discuss Pastafarianism, and the corruption of online product naming contests.


Other topics include the awesomeness of OKGO’s music videos, Leonardo getting snubbed, our favorite Disney movies, JJ Abrams, and Hellraiser. We watch this video of a wine expert trying different cheap beers, and then wonder why everyone is suddenly allergic to gluten. We end the show with this metal rendition of a song from Mulan

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