Episode 51 – Magic People Culture

maximumthehormoneGreetings humans! Sorry for the late posts, but a brotha be busy ya dig? You’d honestly be fine skipping this one, but nevertheless

This episode features just me and Nick. We start the show by discussing fleshlights and fapping. I’ve recently procured a fleshlight of my own and I talk about my first experience with it. Nick then tells us about an adult themed monster rancher type game he’s been playing over on Newgrounds.com called Breeding Season. This brings back memories for me of playing on Newgrounds back in high school, and we do some reminiscing about the glory days of flash-based animated gaming. I then introduce Nick to the Wayback Machine



The conversation somehow shifts to Penn & Teller and we discuss them and their infamous bullet-catch trick. Nick tries debunking the trick and starts talking shit about magic all together, which really rustles my jimmies. Nick also says you have to be weak-minded to be hypnotized, and he truly can’t bring himself to believe in hypnotism and magic. I try to change his mind, and conclude that he’s a fool

After talking about my reddit accounts and Bepreve, we play a sweet video by a japanese metal band called Maximum the Hormone, we talk about how to make a microscope with your phone, and then Nick tells his his plans for eventual global domination. We touch on a few things I have saved on reddit, and we share TV and movie recommendations before wrapping it up early due to boredom.

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