Episode 50 – The Truth About Fonzie Jesus

Think creatively!

Think creatively!

This episode we are joined by Eric, Dairic, and Nick. We start the show off rocking out to Cotton Eye Joe and Nick tells us about his contact ball. We discuss an old web show that Dairic and I used to watch called House of Cosby’s (highly recommended). We then go around sharing our Valentine’s day experiences before Eric brings up the upcoming ICP show once again.

I tell everyone to go see the LEGO Movie, and Nick shares with us an article he found that tells of a cure for cancer. I’m skeptical, but we read some info and delve a little further while Nick schools us with the info he has. Around this time 3/4 of the group gets down on the vaporizer and the show takes an introspective turn

Just a warning; starting at the :58 minute mark, Nick argues BitCoin with us and you may or may not give a shit. But once Dairic jumps in at 1:22:00, he takes it to a whole different level with his comparison of BitCoin to quantum mechanics, which leads to a very scientific and theoretical discussion where we touch on undiscovered math equations and their relation to religion and other dimensions. The amount of eye-rolling by Nick at this point is unmeasurable. We squash the BitCoin discussion once and for all around 1:38:00.

fonzie jesusNext, I share a mind-blowing video called “Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared“. Watch it for yourself to get the full effect. We go on to discuss the deeper meanings and symbolism in the lyrics and imagery found in the video. We also watch the sequel and analyze it as well. Eric brings up a beheading video, and we talk about disturbing video sites. The worst I’ve ever seen is TheYNC.com (DO NOT GO THERE). Dairic talks about how nature dictates whether or not a species is predetermined to do seemingly evil things, and human nature isn’t too far off from that of apes.

Lastly, as always, there’s some more ancient civilization/alternate dimension/living aliens talk, we mention Ellen Page coming out, we speculate on the truth about jesus

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