Episode 49 – The Search for Bigfoot Alien Jesus

183112204This episode we are joined by Dairic and Nick. The show starts with an in-depth discussion about BitCoin, inspired by a recent Joe Rogan podcast with guest Andreas Antonopolous, a man dubbed “BitCoin jesus”. (Skip to 16:30 if you don’t give a flying fuck about BitCoin). Nick brings up Fukushima, and we debunk myths of extra large creatures washing onto the shore. We move into a conversation about alien visitors and how we all live in a hologram, I tell everyone about the movie Her, and we think back to a time before technology was king

We spend a large chunk of the episode discussing ancient cultures, civilizations, religions, and what-ifs. Many eye-opening topics are touched upon, including black holes, alternate dimensions, string theory, and wormholes. Tara joins us and we talk about Under the Dome and Netflix before the show suddenly cuts out. We lose about 30 mins of the show



Upon returning we have a 12:00 am groundhog day celebration that isn’t near as fun as we had hoped due to the fact that we had only just realized minutes before that the show was cutting out. We move on and I show everyone this funny thread of people photoshopping this guy’s picture into funny scenarios. We close with a chat about wrestling, specifically Chris Jericho’s former sidekick Ralphus.

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