Episode 48 – Sir Truett Cathy’s Burnt Chicken Face



I start this episode off by myself, pathetically brooding due to my loneliness. I talk about a couple of dumb topics before Shane shows up to save me. We bitch and moan about how life has it’s ways of fucking over good people. We catch up on what’s been going on, make completely false claims about Josh’s house, and discuss hookah bars and Snapchat before Dairic finally shows up

Other topics include Miyazaki cartoons, Angelina Jolie movies, and (of course) conspiracies. Dairic recommends everyone watch Troll 2 and the documentary made about how shitty it is. I share this story about a Columbus man who got kicked out of a movie for wearing Google Glass, and we spend a good chunk of the rest of the show reminiscing about the good ole’ days of us working at Chick-fil-A

We wrap it up by discussing meditation, Asteriah and juggalo gang affiliation

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