Episode 47 – Bohemian Highway

This episode we are joined at the start of the show by Paula and Nick, with Dairic and Eric showing up shortly after


Paula starts the show off by telling us all about the Columbus Winter Beerfest which she attended that night. She mentions all the different stouts and ciders she tried and which were her favs. We have the beer/beers conversation again, and unanimously decide that beerS is not only completely acceptable, but 100% correct.

We talk about the twerking cypher I posted last week and whether or not “twerking” should even be a thing. We then move right into  this year’s Juggalo Day, which is a special concert ICP is having next month here in Columbus where they will be performing the entirety of their album Great Milenko from beginning to end. Several of us will be in attendance, so come kick it with us! A barrage of hate for shitty local juggalo acts ensues before we dive into our love/hate relationship with Psychopathic Records and juggalos in general. We share our thoughts on our favorite albums and songs and do a bit of reminiscing of our former juggalo days

After a song break, Paula and I briefly discuss podcasts some podcasts we listen to (Doug Loves Movies, What Say You) before Dairic busts out a bottle of wine he brought for us to try. After I spill mine all over the floor, we share our thoughts. Dairic also brought a couple of issues of a magazine he reads called “Ideas and Discoveries”. It claims to be a science and technology magazine, but they also touch on subjects such as the illuminati, masons, whistleblowers, mind control, etc. This sparks a long conversation about conspiracy theories (as usual), covering topics such as Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, symbolism in the movie Coraline, FEMA camps, and MK Ultra. Dairic drops some knowledge that I recommend everyone should listen to, research, and take into consideration.

We also discuss this very intriguing video featuring the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, Jamie DeWolf, schooling us on the truth of his great-grandad and the religion he created


Wine of the night, Bohemian Highway

Wine of the night, Bohemian Highway

We talk about friend of the show Alan the Alien (happy birthday!) and reminisce of the good times we had with him on the Howdy Show. Next we discuss this year’s Rock on the Range lineup and share which bands we think are worth seeing, and the ones we wish were there. We recall the days of old and play some LFO and Crazytown before wrapping things up. We end with some movie recommendations; Dairic once again mentions Bronson, Paula brings up The Cove,  and I tell people to stay the fuck away from The Nut Job

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