Episode 45 – Friendsmas

20140104_000344-SMILEThis is a special edition “friendsmas” episode! We had an after-xmas xmas party with all of our friends, and everyone who was still hanging out  were forced to participate in the show! We are joined by Nick, Josh, Annette, Tara, Paula, Mikey, Dairic, Kara, Troy, Travis, Heather, and Eric. 

The show begins with Nick telling us about the gifts he had given out to the ladies earlier in the night. We posted a video of the unwrapping last week. For some reason we immediately go into cancer talk, and then go around the table saying our favorite meats. Since we hadn’t done a show for about a month, we did some catching up and talked about what movies we’ve seen. I warn every0ne not to watch Dear Zachary (good movie, but the saddest thing you’ll ever see). Paula and Heather also de-recommend(?) The Cove.

Sexy burka!

Sexy burka!

I tell a story about a muslim woman who made a big deal about covering herself when I entered her house, and this sparked a conversation about the strangeness of cultures all together. We talk conspiracies, go around telling other little anecdotes, talk about how tough little kids are, and the gang goes around telling slanderous tales about some kid named Brandon Allensworth.

A much shorter show than normal, but we didn’t start until about 12:30 as opposed to the usual 10pm start time. Everyone was running out of steam, but we wanted to make sure we did a show while we had everyone there!

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