Episode 46 – Fire up the MAN CAVE

man-cave-sign-art-print-posterKeeping it simple this week. This episode we welcome Dairic, Nick and Shawn.

We start the show by reminiscing of the days when Shawn’s wife would hang out with us, specifically talking about our experience with a game called Morton’s List. After some discussion of days of old, I express my disdain for the term “MAN CAVE”, which leads us to talk about other words and phrases that should be abolished for the year 2014. The topic shifts to idiotic parents, and our hatred of sports and politics. Bo Burnham’s new comedy special “what.” is then discussed at length

We talk movies, Blackfish is brought up and takes the conversation in the direction of businesses that make their money from animals in captivity. Other movies discussed include M. Night movies, Wolf of Wall Street, and Her. After bitching about Leo being snubbed at the Oscars for the past 20 years, Dairic brings up the possibility of the universe being a hologram. We spend a large chunk of the rest of the show discussing the various possibilities of other dimensions, universes, and alternate cycles of ancient life. Staying on topic, Annette shares the following video which asks questions pertaining to how the ancients managed to build the structures they did

handofgodWe talk more dumb words, we go in depth with Satanism and discover that we’re all a little Satanic. Shawn leaves, and the show devolves into us trying to outdo one another with various movie references. I mention a neat site I used to frequent called SongMeanings.com, where users can share their interpretations of various metaphor-filled songs that shallow folks like me can use to actually understand what the fuck they’re trying to say.

We get wacky (obviously), and this episode will have you feeling some type of way for sure. Listen and enjoy. Stream below, or listen via one of the awesome compatible Android apps. My favorite being Pocket Casts, but also check out free alternatives such as BeyondPod, or Stitcher. Enjoy!