Episode 37 – Janet Silverstein Karaoke Night

Shawn's favorite

Shawn’s favorite

This show marks the debut of our new podcasting setup! We purchased a mixing board and some new mics to increase the sound quality of the show, and also allow for some new segments. We can now accept phone calls, play sound effects, talk over videos, and do karaoke!

We are joined this week by Nick, Tara, Shawn, Mikey and Kara. Myles also calls into the show right off the bat, which allows us to test our new call-in feature. We bullshit around and have small talk about our show and whose listening, then Nick asks which Muppet Baby we would be and why. This leads to a long discussion about the muppets and other 90’s Nickelodeon cartoons. Mikey tells us that they’re adding a 5th ninja turtle, to everyone’s disappointment.


The new setup!

Lots of listener interaction this episode via the chatroom, where folks were telling jokes and offering up topics. We try out the new karaoke feature, which allows me to show off my outstanding vocal ability. Nick and I are the only ones who were willing to actually commit 100%. Listen for karaoke renditions of For Whom the Bell Tolls, Radioactive, Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack, Gangnam Style and more! We probably went a little overboard with it, as most of the rest of the show is consumed with our singing.

As Shawn gets progressively higher from the Ambien he takes at the beginning of the show, we watch this hilarious video of a chinless man who is angry at the American Mustache Institute, we watch a girl get her butthole tattooed, and then we close out with some more awesome karaoke.

We tried some new stuff and the new equipment was a huge success! We look forward to adding more regular segments and we welcome any ideas you might have. This is just the begininng of what the Keezie show now has to offer, so stay tuned and prepare yourself! Thanks to everyone who listened and made this our most listened to show yet!

This show was sponsored by Ambien and Redd’s Strawberry Ale, (best consumed together). Rate and subscribe on itunes to get us some exposure! Peace!