Episode 36 – Tardbats


9 Myles High!

This week we welcome Nick, Tara, and newcomer Myles from the band 9 Myles High! After some introductions, we talk about Kickstarter and the new podcast equipment before Shawn shows up. Dairic gives us a call and talks about the 9 Myles High show we attended the night before. With it being Tara and I’s anniversary weekend, we had a packed schedule that included the Renaissance Fair, Comic Con, and the 9MH show. We go over all the fun we had as I show off all the cool shit I spent my money on. Here are the prints I took home

Cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty

Cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty

We check out some 9 Myles High music, and after accidentally listening to their whole album, we talk some more about the comic con artists before Nick introduces us to the wonderful world of Bad-Dragon (very NSFW). We perv out on comic chicks, bullshit about cosplay girls such as Ivy Doomkitty and Jessica Nigri, and inquire about their salaries,

The conversation bounces around topics such as TV shows, fapping, jizzing, DP, Neanderthals, and creepy creatures. I show my friends /r/DragonsFuckingCars (NSFW) and we have a good laugh. We end the show after calling out more sponsors

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