Episode 35 – Give Us Free Stuff


An example of how no one would ever use this device

This week we are joined by Nick, Tara, Paula, and pizza. We open the show talking about Korean food and We begin plugging brands we want free products from. A plug for Hitachi Magic Wand and Fleshlight leads to reviewing options for masturbatory aides and attachments which we keep going back to throughout the show. While reading reviews, we stumble onto sarcastic reviews and reminisce on the 3 Wolf Moon T-shirt that started the trend on over-the-top reviews of dumb stuff on the web. After a brief YouTube break, I propose a masturbation orgy and ask if it would be gay for 2 guys to assist each other using Fleshlights. Follow this argument, we talk about who our gay heroes  are, our support for gays and the freedom of lifestyle choices.

We checked out some cool/funny Reddit stuff, then Nick decided to bring up 9/11 and Monsanto. He proceeds to explain to us ignorant folks what exactly Monsanto does, and why we should despise them. After a discussion about whether White Castle is organic, we move on to talk about the cool piano bar Tara and I visited. Paula leaves and the 9/11 debate continues as we analyze the video of the supposed plane crashing into the Pentagon. Nick tells us about this and more conspiracies, and we talk about Obama’s stance on the Syria situation.


Alex Jones gettin’ all wacky

Dairic and Adina show up as we were attempting to wrap up the show, but we keep it going to get their thoughts on the matters discussed during the show. We talk about the future of the show, Dairic schools us on some more movies we should check out, and we end the show with an in-depth chat about Alex Jones and Bohemian Grove. We also touch on old-school beverages like Kick, and Surge!

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