Episode 34 – We Hated on Shows

volleyballTonight’s show we have Nick, Paula, Tara and Pizza. We start out the show with a call out to some of our old listeners we haven’t heard from for awhile. Dairic joins us we and start discussing what sports we would watch (women’s volleyball anyone?), and what should even be considered a sport, then segue into 90’s kids shows. Once again the show turns to hating on mindless football fans and how they gather in public, interrupting the life of those who don’t care about the game. As we dissect the mentality of football, we lead into how the group mentality of sports and media are used to brainwash the population. Dairic uses the moment to talk about Alex Jones, and Kyle tries to define conspiracy theory while Dairic explains that the system isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

After the break we discuss how comic-con has become a pop culture celebration rather than the nerdfest it once was. Kyle decides he wants to attend comic-con on a press pass, and opens the door to reviewing products to get free samples. Once we run out of products to plug, we start talking about reality TV and how little reality is involved. Paula announces that her friend Candace’s brother Zach is supposedly on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and is up for some Ohio hip-hop awards. After a brief review of Zach’s “musical skill”, we look into the definition of the term gypsy before delving into some Reddit saves, movie and TV shows.

Dumb WWYD prize wall

Dumb WWYD prize wall

The last break we listen to a song by Zach’s group FHSP called “Tatts On Tatts“, and give our feeling on the Ohio Hip-Hop awards (hint: we aren’t impressed). We take a flashback to a group who were regulars on the original Keezie show, The Dementiz Crew, which Kyle mistakenly leaves running while we continue the show. Kyle gives us a list a of gripes he has accumulated over the week and plugs other podcasts and apps he uses to listen to them. We finish the show with 10 minutes of random sound effects scrolling through Kyles music collection.

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