Episode 33 – ♫ Kirby Is The Best Vacuum ♫

Bounce That Dick sausage

Jenna Marbles – Bounce That Dick

Tonights show includes Nick, Dairic, Eric, Tara, Pizza, Mikey and Richard. The show starts off explaining the issues with the previous episode and going over problems with podcasts and drunk people, then explaining what happened after the show. Shortly into the show the conversation turns to the problems with education being valued more then experience. Shane and Angela join the show and Kyle suggests an orgy to which Nick begins stripping.

Kyle introduces the gang to Jenna Marbles through a terrible rapper named Spokenreasons. After the song break Kyle goes into the story of the previous nights concert at a biker bar. Shane goes for a drink and once again sparks the argument over the plural for beer. Richard, sparked by the cheers theme song, reminisces about watching wrestling with his grandmother and  fighting over the Nintendo.

pyramid-scheme-graphicIn the second half Shane tells all about his experience with pyramid schemes and door to door sales.

The show then abruptly cuts out. This occurs due to the PC monitor going to sleep which causes the Mixlr broadcasting app to cease broadcasting. Unbeknownst to us, we continue broadcasting for another 2 hours discussing awesome shit like our masturbatory habits, porn stars, the stupid Buckeyes and more. Shawn showed up, we talked about Miley and the VMAs, and listened to a Justin Timberlake song after sweating all over his balls for about 30 minutes straight. Richard even created a new game for us to play during dull moments.

Not gonna lie, this show was shaping up to be one of the funnier and more entertaining shows we’ve done yet, so it was a huge disappointment to see the next day that most of it was lost. But rest assured, we have taken appropriate action to be sure this won’t happen again. Try to enjoy the hour and 40 minutes we did manage to salvage!

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