Episode 32 – Keezie on the Road 3: Wearing Mesh Tank Tops to the Fair

Rather than write a long ass blog post here, I’ll be straight up with you. This is the worst show to date. Not due a lack of entertaining people whatsoever, but we tried some new shit and it didn’t quite work out.

Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike

It was Uncle Mike’s birthday so we packed up the equipment and took it over to his house where we were throwing him a little family party. BBQ, fire pit, drinking on the patio, etc. We set up the show outside on the patio, and we were joined by Mikey, Eric and Tara, featuring newcomers Ryan, Jordan, Crystal, and Ryan W. It started pretty normal, with movie discussions and whatnot, but once the alcohol started kicking in, the side conversations start getting a little out of control causing the show to be nearly unlistenable. The first hour of the show isn’t bad, but if you can stomach the second half, props to you.

At about the 50 minute mark, Uncle Mike comes and schools us youngsters on the old days, (which is the highlight of the show), so at least listen for that. Kara, and a couple other innocent bystanders Jessica and Kim chime in at least a few times as well. See all the n00bs over at the about section!

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