Episode 31 – Bad Acid Trip Cartoons and Puppets

Garbage_pail_kids_12This show we are joined by Nick, Eric and Tara. Eric Starts off the show with a gripe that is
immediately squashed, then a quick recap of the previous weeks show to bring Eric up to speed.

We discuss our experiences in school and Eric tells us about psychology class which devolves into Eric and Kyle giving us a display of sibling rivalry. The show recovers with what movies are coming up we think will be good then turns to Vin Diesel movie reviews. Nate, Nate’s friend Chuck, and Dairic join us and answer the eternal question; if you had to take a dick, which end is gayer?

After the first break, we listen to some heartbreaking slam poetry and Dairic schools us on Buddy Wakefield. We move on to our favorite TV series and movies to which Dairic suggests Super, Kyle pushes The Midnight Meat Train, Nate calls out The Man From Earth, and Dairic adds Moon and Bronson.

Derren Fucking Brown

Derren Fucking Brown

In the second half Kyle plugs UK illusionist Derren Brown who hypnotizes a man into believing a zombie apocalypse is happening and we discuss the possibility of controlling someones thoughts and actions by subtle influence. After a brief comparison of SNL to In Living Color, we spend some time recalling our favorite childhood TV and movies. Garbage Pail Kids lead to a series or very disturbing clips/short films including suicide mouse and Little Babies ice cream.

In the last segment Dairic reveals he has stumbled on to surprising information – was famous porn star Gianna Michaels born a man? Kyle follows up with Carmella Bing, a porn star who started of hot and gained a substantial amount of weight and still does porn. Dairic backtracks the show to disturbing puppets with The Wiggles and The Adventures of Mark Twain, leading back to creepy vids from the internet, this time true clips of tragic events.

Kyle would like to give a shout out to his friends at Horror Dork who have an awesome podcast review of horror movies both frightening, lame and anything between.

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