Episode 29 – I Think it Be Chargin’ Shit

This week we’re joined by Nick, Mikey, Tara and Eric. We start the episode off by provoking the NSA and going right into Trayvon chat. Dairic shows up (with snacks courtesy of his girlfriend Adina) and interrupts Nick’s science update.

new-yorker-cover-bert-ernie-gay-marriage-580We smoke some, then BS about cable guy stuff, H.P. Lovecraft, and TV shows. We discuss adult-themed cartoons and how my kids are drawn to them for some reason, and how and why several of them are now banned. We check out an interesting comic alluding to Bert and Ernie’s alleged homosexuality, then move on to adult swim cartoons

Eric brings up Miley Cyrus’ new video, which prompts a discussion about celebrities influence on young girls and how they should be better role models. In the video, Miley twerks her non-existant ass while dressed like a stripper in-between takes of her sexily laying around and putting things in her mouth. I play devil’s advocate and put the fault with the parents rather than influence of celebrities and culture. We move on to discuss the decline of music in general while throwing the likes of Jay-Z under the bus

Other topics include lack of sympathy for hobos, west side priorities, annoying dogs, elusive rats, and pet raccoons. Shawn shows up and we talk about how much easier cats are than dogs. We talk about the Virtual Boy and other old school video game contraptions, and Dairic tells us all about Twisted Metal on the PS3

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