Episode 28 – Why the Fuck is the Green Ranger sitting on the Throne?

greenrangerthroneThis week we are joined by Dairic, Nick, Tara and Eric. We start with some movie talk – Dairic recommends Where the Wild Things Are, we talk a little Pacific Rim, and we chat a little about Wanderlust. We then get into a spirited discussion about World War Z and how Eric doesn’t know how to suspend his disbelief when watching movies.

The conversation shifts to hemp, the government, and the NSA. We then (of course) move on to one of our favorite topics (revolution) and we touch on the current conflict and rioting happening in Egypt. We then touch on Bitcoin and conspiracies, before shifting back to movies (M. Night Shymalan and Tom Hardy in particular)

Other topics include pop music, bluegrass, Trayvon Martin, and crooked cops. We then talk about this video of a judge ignoring a woman who is being wrongfully arrested right in front of her. The convo bounces back to revolution talk, and we discuss movies and TV shows where revolutions have occurred (or are occurring) such as The Dark Knight Rises and Firefly

I ask Dairic what he knows about ayahuasca and what it would take for us to have the full psychedelic experience. He schools us with his knowledge of the retreats and shamans and how normal folks would go about planning a psychedelic South American adventure

An awesome piece of digital art by Dairic

An awesome piece of digital art by Dairic

Final topics include move movie recommendations by Dairic, and shit I’ve saved on Reddit. We check out this awesome picture of George R.R. Martin’s vision of the iron throne from Game of Thrones, and then Dairic shares with us some of the art he does with an app called Paint Joy. Peep more of Dairic’s art over on his Deviant Art page. It’s incredible what he can accomplish on such a small screen! Shawn shows up at the end, so we promptly conclude the show

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